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Tracyton Pee Wee Sports Association offers an all around Running program to introduce athletes to all types of running not limited to, but may include: track, cross-country, road running, and trail running. The program helps children begin or continue to learn basic running skills such as: pacing, endurance, mental toughness, hills, intervals, etc. all while keeping it fun and attainable for each runner. The goal is to allow each runner to run at their own pace and help them progress in their running throughout the season. It’s also our goal to show kids how fun and enjoyable running can be both now and in the future. We’re here to throw away the “running is punishment” mentality and show kids how fun it can be to accomplish challenging things.

Ages: 5 years old - 10 years old (grades K-5). Pee Wee age is determined as of August 31st.

Club Provided Running Gear: Running athletic T-shirt. Shirts are for the end of season 5K and can also be worn during practices if desired. Shirts will be given out near the beginning of the running season.

Parent Provided Running Gear: Athletic Shoes (running shoes preferable), athletic shorts/pants (not sweats), athletic shirt (if not using issued athletic shirt at practices), extra warm layer for cold weather. Runners should also bring water and, if necessary, wear sunscreen (apply before practice).

Practice will typically begin the 3rd Monday in April. Practices will be held twice a week (either M/W or T/H) for 1 hour in the later afternoon, between the hours of 4:30pm and 6:30pm. Specific practice days and time are at the discretion of the Coach. The season ends with a 5K for all age groups.

Locations: Woodlands or another elementary school in the Tracyton area.

End of season 5K race - Saturday June 15th.   Location - TBD - Possibly Woodlands and surrounding area.  Participants will receive a finishers medal and snack at the end of the 5K.  Younger runners may be accompanied by one “helper” - parent or other adult.  Coaches and volunteers will also be out on the course helping our runners.  The Tracyton Pee Wees 5K is also open to the community and will be used as a fundraiser for future seasons.  Family, friends, or community members are invited and encouraged to participate in the event.  Registration for family and community members TBA.

Goals: One of the big differences about running, and most other sports kids participate in, is running is an individual sport, rather than a team sport.  Races are not run to be the first across the finish line (although that is always great, if it does happen), but to beat a personal goal.  Parents can help children set appropriate goals for their 5K.  Goals should be achievable, but help them stretch and work hard.  Some examples may include: "finish the race", "run the whole 5K, with no walking", "beat my previous 5K time", "have a good attitude and not complain", etc.  Goal setting is a huge part of the sport of running, and Pee Wees running is a great opportunity to get them setting and accomplishing goals.


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